BC Election 2017

University education builds our economy and community.
It's worth defending.

Funding Cuts

The per-student funding TRU receives from the provincial government plummeted in 2005 and has been critically low for over 10 years. That has huge effects on our programs, our class sizes and the fees charged to students. TRU deserves to have its funding restored. Click or tap the image for more info.

(Under)Funding Levels (Under)Funding Levels

TRU is the most critically underfunded of any research university in BC and is even well below the average funding level for all universities in the province. Click or tap the image for more info.

BC Elections website

  • Who can vote?
  • Where to vote?
  • What do you need to bring?
  • Voter registration.

TRU Student Union 'Now Is the Time' campaign page

  • Candidate information and videos.
  • When to vote on campus.
  • Student issues.

FPSE 'Open the Doors' campaign page

  • Learn more about the issues.
  • Sign the pledge.
  • Join a telephone town hall.