Gender Equity Committee

TRUFA Committee Terms of Reference

The TRUFA Status of Women Committee’s main focus is to represent the interests of, and provide a voice for, female members of the TRU community. The Status of Women Committee members care deeply about equality and social justice, not only in our working lives, but also in society at large. The Status of Women Committee works on strategies for achieving equality in our institutions, and in our communities.

Terms of Reference

  • Act as an advocate for gender parity and the rights of women in the college and institute system in BC.
  • Work to make the TRU campus a safe, friendly, harassment-free and inclusive place for women to work and study.
  • Organize workshops, speaker presentations, and other forms of educational activities that address women’s issues, through an intersectional lens.
  • Identify special needs that are pertinent to female TRUFA members.
  • Promote sexist–free language, resources, activities, and practices at TRU.
  • Remain cognizant of government initiatives and TRU policies that affect women.
  • Work cooperatively, as appropriate and feasible, with student and local organizations and institutions involved in activities that aimto improve the quality of life for all women, without discrimination.
  • Work cooperatively with other FPSE Status of Women Committees.
  • Communicate information about any campus or community events that deal with women’s issues.


TRUFA members who are interested in working on women’s issues. One or two of these TRUFA members will act as chair or co-chair of the SWC.

Associate membership

Representatives of TRU staff, students, administration, and local community groups, who have similar interests to those of our committee, including persons from minority, marginalized and disadvantaged groups.


One TRUFA member, elected as chair, or two members who have agreed to act as co-chairs, will serve a 2-year term.
The chair or co-chairs will have one vote on the TRUFA Executive and one representative attends the FPSE SWC meetings in Vancouver.


The committee will meet at least once per month between September and June.

FPSE Committee Terms of Reference

Reporting: Reports regularly to the FPSE President and the Presidents’ Council.

Composition: Each local shall name a specific member as their designated representative to this Committee.

A member will be appointed by the Executive Committee, with voice but without vote, to act as liaison between the Standing Committee, the Executive, and Presidents’ Council.

The Non-Regular Faculty Committee may appoint one person to the Committee.

Term of Appointment: Locals shall endeavour to elect or appoint representatives for a two year term.

Chair: The Committee shall elect a new Chairperson at the last meeting of the Committee held prior to the convening of the Annual General Meeting and Convention.

The Committee shall endeavour to elect a Chairperson who has served on the Committee a previous term as local representatives.

The Chairperson or designate shall have observer status at meetings of the Presidents’ Council with voice but no vote. The responsibility of the Chairperson includes attendance by the Chairperson or designate at the Presidents’ Council meeting immediately subsequent to a meeting of the Committee or upon request of the FPSE President.

The Chairperson shall attend the Annual General Meeting and Convention. The Convention shall provide orientation and planning opportunities for Committee Chairpersons and facilitate their meeting as a group.

The duly elected Chairperson of the Committee must be the designated representative of a local to continue being Chairperson.

Meetings: Such meetings as are required to fulfill its responsibilities, limited only by the funding allocated to the Committee. The Committee may substitute or include a workshop or conference for a meeting.

Observers: By invitation of the Chair.

Quorum: A majority of those member locals that have appointed Status of Women Committee representatives.

Voting: Positions adopted by consensus among designated representatives; otherwise by simple majority of those voting. (By-Law #6.)

Funds: As allocated in the annual budget.

Gender Equity Committee – 2 Yr. Term

Natalie Clark, Chair Social Work House of Learning – HL144 250-852-7152 Apr 29 21 Apr 30 23
 Mahtab Nazemi, Co-Chair  Education & Social Work  A&E Building – AE281 250-371-5736  Apr 29 21  Apr 30 23