Salary & Working Conditions Committee

Terms of Reference

Reporting to:
Reports regularly to the TRUFA Executive.

The Salary and Working Conditions Committee is composed of proportionate representation from members in each of the following categories:

Bipartite: 3 reps Tripartite: 3 reps
Lab Faculty: 3 reps Non-Regular Faculty: 2 reps
Vocational Trades: 2 reps
Vocational-non Trades: 2 reps Instructional Support: 2 reps
Open Learning: 1 rep Williams Lake 1 rep

Term of Appointment:
Members will be elected at the AGM on a staggered basis (50% per year) and will serve on the committee for a two year term.

Duties and Responsibilities:
SWCC is responsible for two main areas. First, SWCC coordinates training of TRUFA Representatives for Departmental Performance Review Committees (PRC) and ensures coverage by these Representatives at all Departmental PRC Meetings as per the Collective Agreement. Second, SWCC is also responsible for coordination and review of the bargaining process including preparation, interim assessment and strategy development. Preparation for bargaining will include (but not be limited to) collecting and organizing data by surveying members and by organizing face to face meetings with members.

Meetings of the Committee are held at the call of the Chair. Meetings shall normally be convened a minimum of once per month between September and June in non-bargaining years and in bargaining years at such times as to allow co-ordination and review of the bargaining process.
Attendance and Participation: All representatives are expected to attend meetings and participate in the business of the committee such as planning and participating in bargaining and/or serving as TRUFA Rep on Departmental Performance Review Committees. If a member misses three consecutive meetings or more than half of the meetings held in any academic year, or if a member does not participate in the regular work of the committee, the Committee may recommend to the TRUFA Executive to decide that that representative’s seat becomes vacant until such time as a replacement member can be elected.

The Committee shall elect a new Chairperson/Co-Chairs at the first meeting of the Committee held after the convening of the Annual General Meeting. The Committee will normally elect a Chairperson who has served on the Committee a previous term. The Chairperson or designate shall attend TRUFA Executive, Table Officers, and Consultative meetings. The responsibility of the Chairperson includes attendance at appropriate FPSE meetings/training sessions. The Chairperson shall attend the Annual General Meeting.

Fifty percent of the reps including the Chair.

Motions adopted by simple majority.

Salary & Working Conditions Committee – 2 Yr. Term

Vice-President, SWCC (and Student Development & Instructional Support Rep) Amy Paterson University Library Old House of Learning – HL434 250-852-7832 Sept 8 21 April 30 22
Contract Faculty Rep Melissa Svendsen Library Williams Lake Campus – 1151 250-392-8131 Dec 7 20 April 30 22
Contract Faculty Rep Nicole Befurt Faculty of Arts A&E Building – AE171 250-828-5116 Apr 29 21 April 30 23
Faculty of Arts Rep Michael Woloszyn Psychology A & E Building – AE175 250-377-6148 Dec 7 20 April 30 22
Faculty of Education & Social Work Rep Sasha Kondrashov Social Work & Human Services A & E Building – AE275 250-377-6192 Apr 29 21 April 30 23
Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts & Tourism Rep Kimbre Woods Culinary Arts Culinary Building – CATC104 250-377-6074 Dec 7 20 April 30 22
Faculty of Law Rep VACANT
Faculty of Science Rep Colin Taylor Physical Sciences & Engineering Ken Lepin Building – S217 250-371-5989 Dec 7 20 April 30 20
Research & Scholarship Rep
School of Business & Economics Rep Dan Thompson School of Business & Economics International Building – IB2022 250-828-5078 Dec 7 20 April 30 22
School of Nursing Sheila Blackstock Nursing Nursing Building – NPH258 250-371-5532 Dec 7 20 April 30 22
School of Trades & Tech Rep Michael Grainger Welding Trades Building – TT288 250-828-5103 Dec 7 20 April 30 22
Williams Lake Rep Donna Bentham Williams Lake – Nursing Williams Lake – 2033 250-392-8160 Apr 29 21 April 30 23