Stewards Committee

FPSE Contract Administration Review Committee

Stewards Committee – 2 Yr. Term

Co-Vice-President, Stewards Mike Looney Open Learning  OL456 250-852-6832 Jan 20 17 April 30 19
Co-Vice-President, Stewards Krista Lussier
School of Nursing  FAN121 250-377-6198 April 24 17 April 30 19
Kamloops Steward Lloyd Bennett Visual & Performing Arts OM1523B 250-828-5480 April 30 18 April 30 20
Kamloops Steward Amy Paterson University Library
L208 250-852-7832  April 24 18  April 30 20
Kamloops Steward Musfiq Rahman Computing HL416 250-371-5957 April 30 18 April 30 20
Kamloops Steward Ehsan Ahmed Architectural & Engineering Technology OM2801 250-828-5084 April 30 18 April 30 20
Kamloops Steward Fatma Mahmoud  Math & Statistics  HL437  250-852-7668  Feb 17  Apr 30 19
Kamloops Steward Tara Lyster School of Nursing S225 250-377-6056 Apr 24 18 Apr 30 20
Williams Lake Steward Melissa Svendsen
University Library Williams Lake – 1155 250-392-8031 April 26 18 Apr 30 20
Williams Lake Steward Amber Engel  School of Nursing  Williams Lake – 2017  250-392-8178  April 24 18  Apr 30 20

Ehsan Ahmed


Ehsan is working as Lecturer in the Department of Architectural & Engineering Technology, Faculty of Science. Ehsan has been on TRUFA Stewards since March 2016. Ehsan likes travelling, playing badminton and enjoys summer gardening.

Lloyd Bennett

1-250 828 5480

Lloyd is the Chair of the Department of Visual & Performing Arts and is an Associate Professor in art history. He is active in TRUFA work and is the current VP of Salary and Working Conditions, and served on the last two bargaining teams for the union. He has been a shop steward since 2010. His favorite colour is royal blue, but he wear a lot of Rider green, he loves First Nations art, impressionist landscapes, spy movies and golfing on a warm day with his friend “Safety Gord.”

Fatma Mahmoud


Fatma is a Continuing Sessional Faculty Member in the Mathematics and Statistics department. She has worked at TRU since 2011 and is a new shop steward. Fatma believes in perseverance and has overcome many obstacles. She likes cooking and watching movies.

Mike Looney


Mike has been a shop steward since 2005. Mike is the Open Learning Program Coordinator in the Faculty of Arts and occasionally science. Mike likes long walks and depending on his mood Van Morrison or Tom Waits.

Krista Lussier


Krista is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Nursing and has been a faculty member since 2004. Krista has been a TRUFA Steward since March 2016 and is currently a deputy steward. Krista enjoys travelling, being cooked for, summer days and patios.

Musfiq Rahman


Musfiq is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computing Science. Musfiq has been a shop steward since March 2016. He enjoys listening to music and watching romantic comedy movies.

Melissa Svendsen


Melissa is the Campus Librarian at TRU Williams Lake. She has worked at TRU since 2011 and has been active in TRUFA since 2014. She was on the bargaining team that negotiated the current contract, and has been a steward since March of 2016. Melissa likes cooking, gardening, and reading trashy novels.