Get Involved: Executive Positions

Get Involved: Contract Faculty Representatives to the TRUFA Executive Board
April 9, 2018
April 12, 2018
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Get Involved: Executive Positions

Duties and Responsibilities:

All Members elected to the TRUFA Executive Board are designated as Directors of the Association and assume a Trustee status. A trustee is a person who, by virtue of election by Members, holds and maintains a position of trust and is required to fulfill a fiduciary duty, a duty to uphold or act in accordance with that trust. See the TRUFA Executive Manual for details.

From the TRUFA By-Laws:

ARTICLE V – Executive Board

1) The following shall be the Directors of the Association and constitute the Executive Board of the Association.

i. President

ii. Vice-President

iii. Secretary

iv. Treasurer

v. Immediate Past-President

vi. Vice-President, Stewards

vii. Vice-President, Salary and Working Conditions

One Representative from each of the following:

viii. Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts, and Tourism

ix. Faculty of Arts

x. Faculty of Human, Social, and Educational Development

xi. Faculty of Science

xii. Student Development / Instructional Support

xiii. School of Business and Economics

xiv. Faculty of Law

xv. School of Nursing

xvi. School of Trades and Technology

xvii. Williams Lake

The following standing committee chairs:

xviii. Chair of Human Rights Committee

xix. Chair of Equity Committee

xx. Chair of Status of Women

One Member to represent:

xxi. Research and Scholarship

Two representatives from:

xxii. Contract Faculty