Faculty Councils – Making it Work

Faculty Councils – Powers & Duties
January 21, 2017
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February 2, 2017
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Faculty Councils – Making it Work

TRU faculty members often note that the authority of Faculty Councils is sometimes ignored or circumvented in the academic governance process at TRU. In our fourth video, TRU Faculty Association Vice President, Star Mahara, outlines three steps that TRU faculty members can take to safeguard the authority of Faculty Councils in academic governance. For further information, please contact TRUFA and ask for a brief workshop on strategies for effective Faculty Councils at your next department meeting.



Questions? Contact Star Mahara by email.

Watch our ongoing video series to learn about the crisis in academic governance at our institution and across Canada. Learn how our legally mandated governance systems operate so that we, as faculty members, can have our voices heard.