Why Are TRU Faculty Holding a Non-Confidence Vote – Lack of Transparency

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April 16, 2016
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April 18, 2016
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Why Are TRU Faculty Holding a Non-Confidence Vote – Lack of Transparency

The TRU senior administrative track record since February 15th is proof of the Senior TRU Administration’s failure to be transparent. Here are some specific examples:

  • A refusal by senior administration to provide adequate funding for sessional hiring so that a department in the Faculty of Arts can continue to deliver valuable service courses to other disciplines, without jeopardizing their own Majors students ability to access course offerings.
  • Failure to provide sufficiently detailed budget documents to department Chairs or faculty members despite administration asking for “cooperation” in reducing Faculty/School budgets by 2.48%.
  • Despite disclosure of the agreements made between TRU and KGHM-Ajax, Imperial Metals (Mount Polley), and Kinder-Morgan/Trans Mountain Pipeline, as a public academic institution, TRU should ensure that such agreements are subject to appropriate governance oversight by seeking TRU Senate (or Senate sub-committee) approval for agreements that involve academic matters.
  • Removing valuable classroom space from the use of TRU programs and leasing them to a private, offshore corporation for private gain without appropriate consultation or oversight.
  • When a key senior administrative position–AVP Academic (Faculty Relations)–is posted there is insufficient transparency about the reasons for an internal only search and no transparency about the membership of the search committee.

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